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Jagdish Temple, Udaipur

Like any Indian temples around the world, you need to remove your shoes before you enter. There’s normally a shoeshelf or cupboard at the entrance for you to leave your shoes. But during my whole trip in India, I never leave my trekking shoes away from me whenever I entered any mosques or Indian temples, for the fear of losing them. Tourists’ belongings can easily become thieves’ target. I really don’t want to see another Jamal or Salim (the brothers in the movie – Slumdog Millionaire) wearing my shoes. Instead, I put them inside my bag when I was going to enter Jagdish Temple. But I was caught by the watchman. This happened on my first attempt to enter the temple. I refused to leave my shoes at the entrance and I was barred from entering. Bad luck indeed!

The next day, I tried to enter again. On my second attempt, I purposely kept my shoes in the bag long before I reached the entrance, so that nobody will know it. But unfortunately, the same guy who stopped me yesterday recognized me. “Open your bag,” he ordered. Feeling slightly embarrassed and angry, I shouted back, “I will leave my shoes in the guesthouse.” Then I ran away.

After walking bare-footed for about 500 meters from my guesthouse, I have finally able to enter this beautifully carved temple, and it worth all the pain. This piece of Indo-Aryan style architecture is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the Universe. Many sculptures of the dancers, elephants, horsemen and musicians are still well-preserved, making it a truly impressive sight.




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